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Certified Web Professional

Learn front end coding like HTML and CSS and bulid your Commercial proficiency wth lessons on marketing and sales.

Website Development

CSS, Java Script, Design Optimisation, Handling multimedia, Handling designing tools, Networking and hosting


SEO basics, Google Ads, Content writing, Email campaigns


Hosting options, Pitching proposals, Product positioning,Pricing models & negotiation, Sales proposals, Customer relationship and management

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Certified Web Developer

Learn advance level of Java Scripting, PHP, MySQL database, Cloud and concepts of marketing and sales.

Website Development

PHP, Database (MySQL),Web applications with AJAX, Wordpress, Cloud concepts


Google analytics & its application, Social media marketing tools, Campaign management, Inventory management


Cloud concepts and business models, Customer relationship and management, Pro rewards & loyality programs,Service proposal

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Certified Web Architect

Learn Python programming, website optimisation techniques, database, Cloud applications and advance concepts of marketing and sales.

Website Development

Python, Advanced database applications, Installing applications (Apache, PHP, MySQL), Cloud applocations (AWS Cloud, Azure), Website optimisation


Integrated campaign planning, Online reputation mangaement, Monetising the inventory, Content development


Cloud business model, Product positioning - VPS / Dedicated Server,

Service models - Saaas / PaaS / IaaS, Managed services concepts

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Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Master the art of digital marketing to help your business stay competitive and grow online.

Digital Marketing Overview

Overview of Digital Marketing as an Industry, Categories of Online Marketing

Content Development

Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Planning (Writing Skills), Content Writing (Development)

Graphic Designing

Basics of Adobe illustrator, Basics of Adobe photoshop

Web Designing

Online themes, plugins and Widgets, WordPress Templates

Design Optimization

Introduction, Visual and Aesthetics,Content Optimization, Compatibility, Usability, Backend Optimization, Speed Optimization, Creating Responsive apps & websites

Wordpress Development and Management

Creating posts and pages, Formatting text, Publishing and scheduling posts, Adding images, audio, and video, Bulk editing posts and pages, Customizing themes and menus, Using widgets, Extending WordPress with plugins, Editing user profiles, Configuring settings, Getting new readers, Keeping WordPress up to date and secure, Managed Word Press

Website Optimization

Understanding website optimization, Understanding how browsers render content, Measuring performance, Optimizing images, Optimizing code, Minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Compressing data with GZIP, Optimizing file caching & Leveraging CDNs

Social Media Marketing

Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing, Nature of each Social Media Platform and audience, characteristics, Resources and efforts needed by a company, When should you outsource, How to measure Social Media Marketing ROI, Social Media marketing tools, Campaign Management, Inventory Management, Social Media Marketing Execution Strategy, Social Media Marketing Execution needs

Facebook Marketing

Difference between organic and paid marketing, Facebook page creation, Setting up the brand page based on business, Facebook Post, Best practices of Posting, Setting auto responses in Inbox section, Chat bot integration in Facebook messenger

Instagram Marketing

Introduction to Instagram, Difference between personal & professional account, Business Account setup, Best practices of organic Instagram promotions, Check the insights, Post promotion on Instagram, Case study

LinkedIn Marketing

Introduction to LinkedIn ,Difference between paid and organic promotions, Company page creation, Post on LinkedIn, Best practices, LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Influencer Marketing

Introduction to Influencer Marketing, Case Study, Best Practices, Business benefit from influencers, Best platforms for starting influencer marketing


Introduction to Blogging, Choosing blogging platform, as a blogging platform - its pros and cons, Setting up account and buying of domain, Creation of Wordpress Post, 5 Step plan to succeed in blogging, Role of analytics in blogging, analytics, Self hosted WordPress Blog on your domain, Benefits of self hosted WordPress blog, Google Analytics , logging best practices



Blog monetization, Explaining Google Adsense, Setting up Google Adsense account and integration with the website, Best practices for maximum returns

Affliate Marketing

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing, Benefits of Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Affiliate Program, Amazon Affiliate Program Account setup and integration with the site, Various types of Affiliate Programs, Choosing right Affiliate Network, Introduction to affiliate marketer Journey, Affiliate marketing monetization, Role of social media marketing in affiliate marketing, Affiliate Marketing Program creation

eCommerce Marketing

Introduction to eCommerce Marketing, Platforms to develop eCommerce Site, 7 steps to start an eCommerce site, Introduction to Shopify, Setting up a Shopify account, Adding products to Shopify & create categories, Setting up themes to the Shopify account, Shopify Payment Gateway Integration, eCommerce best practices, Introduction to WooCommerce, Adding products on WooCommerce & create categories, Setting up theme to the WooCommerce account & create homepage, eCommerce Analytics, Marketing Automation using Zapier

Facebook Ads

Types of campaign, Campaign planning, Creating Facebook Ad campaign, Remarketing campaigns on Facebook, Facebook Ad and different campaigns, Choosing correct marketing objective for a campaign, Traffic campaign on Facebook, Leads campaign on Facebook, Conversion campaign on Facebook, FB pixel, Remarketing Campaigns, Case study

Google Ads

Basics of Google Ads, Optimizing the Ads Account

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ad Account, Types of LinkedIn Campaign, LinkedIn ad traffic campaign, LinkedIn lead ads campaign, LinkedIn website conversion campaign , Campaign performance, Case study discussion

Google Analytics

Google Analytics & its application

Sales, Support & Outreach Techniques

Website types & terminologies, The Art of Pitching, Product Positioning, Pricing Models, Negotiation techniques, Structuring Sales proposals, Customer Service Concepts, Managing Customer, Automate Routine Tasks

Email Marketing

Setting up email campaigns, Email marketing using GoDaddy

Expert Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Advance concepts, Integrated Campaign Thinking and Planning, Online Reputation Management, Monetizing the inventory, Google chrome extensions